Lidl ‘Zero’ Woerden: First circular energy supermarket opens

International supermarket Lidl has just opened the first store in the Netherlands that generates all of its own electric, heating and cooling from renewable sources generated on site.

At the new store at Woerden, a combination of solar-panels, energy storage, product cooling and climate control are used to ensure that it runs with a zero energy bill. Solar-electric power is gathered through 1766 solar panels on the store roof and car-ports roofs. Waste heat is stored in the store’s concrete piles. Heat gathered by the refrigeration system is used to heat the store.

Lidl have been working on Lidl Zero with Andy van den Dobbelsteen (professor of Climate Design & Sustainability at TU Delft) who said: “I think that Lidl has taken a lead in measures to future-proof their store with respect to circularity.”

The supermarket chain’s distribution centres have been certified with the BREAAM ratings of outstanding and excellent. The centres are equipped with warmth and coolth storage, LED lighting and solar panels. In total Lidl has 88,000m2 of solar panels on its buildings. In addition, since December 2018 all stores have become gas free while all new stores are built with an A++++ energy rating.

Lidl, Nederland’s building manager Marcel Ganzeboom: “We have the ambition to be build fully CO2 neutral by 2022. Lidl Zero is a logical and spectacular step from which we can learn.”