Zappi: Intelligent electric vehicle charger

The Zappi is an electric vehicle charging point designed by myenergi of Binbrook, UK. Uniquely, it allows the vehicle to be charged from an intelligent combination of mains electric supply and from electricity generated by the customer’s own solar panels or wind turbine.

Front view of Zappi

This means that it can adapt to power use in the home to draw as little power from the grid as possible. It also means that the car’s battery can be used to store surplus renewable power.

Three charging modes are available:

  1. ECO: Charging continually adjusts to changes in power generation and consumption. Power may be drawn from the grid as well as self generated
  2. ECO+: Charges in a similar way to ECO, but only does so when there is surplus free (self generated) power available
  3. FAST: Charges at maximum power as a Mode 3 charging point


  • Type 1 & 2 connector
  • Charging current: 6-32A
  • Grid import power limiting: 2-24kW
  • Indoor or outdoor mounting
  • OLEV approved.