The Dutch Windwheel

The Dutch Windwheel is a landmark building that will be constructed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Apart from having an iconic design consisting of two wheels, it is also going to be a showcase for some new green technologies from the Netherlands. The planned completion date is 2015.

Some facts about the Windwheel:

  • 40 cabins move around the outer ring to offer changing views of the city
  • A top-class panorama restaurant at top of one ring
  • Exclusive hotel beneath restaurant
  • Apartments in each ring
  • Foundations in the water to give appearance of floating

The two wheel design has the benefit of providing many different shapes and styles of internal spaces. It also refers in its design to the Netherlands’ famous love of all things to do with bicycles. Rotterdam is known as the ‘architecture city’ and the windwheel will add to this reputation.

The Windwheel has – literally – at its heart an ‘EWICON’. This is a type of wind turbine that has no moving parts, which is placed within the centre of the inner wheel. The building also has solar panels, captures rainwater, and recycles waste water and sewage to produce bio-gas.

In an article “How Much Wind Energy Can the Dutch Windwheel Harness?” Tom Lombardo does an analysis of the energy efficiency of the Windwheel. He calculates:

  • Wind conversion efficiency 1.7%
  • Wind generates approx 324 kWh/day
  • Solar generates between 1100 and 2500 kWh/day